Pet Odor Removal

CoupleWithBoxerDogsOnCouchSadly, our beloved family pets can be your carpet’s worst enemy. Not only can our pets leave hair and dander behind in the carpets, but pet accidents can leave unsightly stains and odors.

Pet urine orders can be especially frustrating. The lingering odor is very hard to eliminate on your own. Many carpet cleaners companies just clean the surface and mask the offending odor.

At Mint Carpet Cleaning and Floor Solutions, we get to the cause of the odor – the crystals that form when pet urine dries. If the urine crystals are not dissolved and completely pulled out of the carpet and pad, the odor will continue to resurface. We also tackle the special stains that come with pet accidents including stains from vomit, urine, and feces.

Don’t let pet accidents come between you and your pets. Contact Mint and let us get rid of the odors and stains!

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