Hardwood Floor Cleaning

livingroom-hardwood_smMint uses the Basic Coatings Hardwood Floor Maintenance System. This professional hardwood cleaning system will properly clean and provide a new protective coating to your floor, adding value to the investment of your hardwood flooring.

The cost to replace or sand and finish a hardwood floor is very expensive and disruptive. Proper maintenance and re-coating will add years to your floor with low impact to you, the homeowner. Regular hardwood floor cleaning and maintenance will add beauty to tired looking floors and bring back the luster to the floor.

Clean & Protect

This process includes a 2-part intensive cleaning process. The first stage uses a cleaner that will easily remove ground-in dirt and contaminants using our Dirt Dragon vacuum extraction machine.

The second stage uses a specially designed cleaner to neutralize the floor and remove the residue left from the first cleaner. The two cleaners are specifically formulated to remove different types of contaminants from the floor and leave it squeaky clean.

Hardwood Floor Refinisher is then applied with a microfiber pad as the final step.

Post-Coating Timing

Walk on floors (with stocking feet) . . . . . . . . 1-2 hours
Return furniture to floor (use felt pads) . . . . 24 hours
Return rugs to floors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 weeks

Post Maintenance Schedule

Basic Coatings Squeaky Maintenance kits are available. The kit includes the cleaner and a microfiber mop specifically designed to clean wood floors without depositing a film. The key to extending the life of the floor is proper maintenance.

Contact Mint for your periodic intensive cleaning and every year or so add a protective coat of finish.

A properly maintained wood floor should never have to be sanded. *

* The current floor finish must not be worn to the point that the color of the floor is not uniform. If this is the case, or if the previous finish has completely worn away to expose bare wood, the floor should be refinished using a standard sand and finish process.

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